Data Privacy Advisory Service: Reforming the Approach to Data Protection and Privacy

Data Privacy Advisory Service: Reforming the Approach to Data Protection and Privacy

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Unfortunately, no organisation of any scale is completely secure against breaches and threats related to data privacy. However, the biggest challenge that has been consistent across industries and sectors is the ability to know the whereabouts of personal data and to record that in a Record of Processing Activity (ROPA) which is meaningful and maintained. Nonetheless, businesses are getting there, and Data Privacy Advisory Service (DPAS) has been assisting organisations to safeguard the fundamental human right by keeping data private and secured via the best possible protective measures in a data-centric world.

Data Privacy Advisory Service helps to better understand the regulations so that the clients can define clear and concise policies to prevent, respond and protect against data privacy issues—by providing strategic data protection guidelines to leadership. Using the Data Privacy Advisory Service, the clients will be able to manage the data protection requirements and issues in the jurisdictions where their company does business.

“The DPAS team of consultants prides itself on acting as a trusted advisor for its clients and being able to interpret privacy legislation—ensuring that it is practically implemented into its client’s business operations,” adds Nigel Gooding, the Chief Data Protection Officer of DPAS. Among a plethora of services, DPAS provides GDPR Subject Matter Experts (SME) a GDPR Business Analyst and, or a GDPR Project Manager to come ad work onsite in its client’s organisation to deliver their GDPR compliance project. These services follow naturally on from DPAS’s Audit and Assurance Gap Analysis and Record of Processing Activity Services. The remediation packages offered by DPAS allow organisations to remediate any areas of non-compliance and reduce the associated risk. This means that the client should be able to demonstrate accountability to GDPR and run their organisation at an acceptably low level of risk in relation to data privacy challenges.

Likewise, DPAS’s GDPR Policy Pack aids compliance with the UK’s Data Protection Act 2018.

The DPAS team of consultants prides itself on acting as a trusted advisor for its clients ensuring that it is practically implemented into its client’s business operations

The GDPR policies and procedures include the mandatory Data Protection policy documentation, including policies and procedures for data retention, breaches, subject access requests, individuals’ rights, privacy notices and more. The template documents and checklists come complete with updates and support, helping to update the policies and procedures to quickly achieve DPA compliance. The GDPR toolkit is written by a qualified GDPR Practitioner and Data Protection Officer. The toolkit includes all the policies, processes, procedures, tools and other documentation that one might need to keep their personal data safe while also meeting the requirements of the Regulation. All of DPAS’s toolkit documents have been implemented in international organisations and adopted by industries of all sizes. Moreover, the company’s ROPA services provide offers a fully documented ROPA tailored specifically for its clients, which incorporates all of the requirements per the Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

DPAS’s gap analysis services provide an assessment of its client organisation’s current level of compliance to data protection legislation highlighting the gaps in compliance that need to be addressed.The service also provides an audit and assurance piece by observing its client organisation’s key systems, departments and policies, to fairly assess compliance with the relevant legislation and standards. These typically include the GDPR, the Data Protection Act 2018, the electronic communication regulations (ePR/PECR), ISO 27001, and other Information Security standards. “As part of long term plans, DPAS is excited to expand its business out of London and the West Country, with contracts from the North and in the Midlands,” concludes Gooding.

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Data Privacy Advisory Service

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Headquartered in Exeter, Devon, DPAS helps organisations to secure the essential human right to have data kept secret by putting in place the best possible protection to keep it secure. It is delivered following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and The Data Protection Act 2018. They work in collaboration with public and private sector organisations providing managed & interim Data Protection Officer (DPO) Services, information security, cybersecurity, data protection and GDPR consultancy, and GDPR and data protection training. The company's services give organisations a competitive advantage by keeping safe the most valuable asset and their huge quantities of customer and employee data